Land for sale in the Baca Grande - Crestone, Colorado

One of the nicest lots in one of the most beautiful and spiritually diverse places in the country!

Lot for sale in Crestone, Colorado - Baca Grande land for sale.

We really want to sell this lot!

This lot is approximately 1.3 acres consisting of two consolidated lots 563 and 564 at the corner of Panorama Way and Prospectors Point Overlook in Chalet Unit 1. The property is outlined in purple below. You can see the area on Google Maps which shows nearby homes. The lot runs the length of the cul-de-sac on the south west side of the street. There are lots of trees and two or three good building sites. The view to the mountains is wonderful, there would be an excellent view of the valley from a second story window. Water and sewer tap is paid (tap fee is $7,500 as of Sept 2012). Water, sewer, electric and phone utilities are in the street on two sides of the lot, high speed internet is available via microwave dish.

There is an unofficial trail head just up the road from this property that leads into miles and miles of hiking trails in the National Forest and Sangre de Cristo Wilderness. The national forest land starts soon after leaving the development, the wilderness land starts about a half mile up the trail. There is an official traihead that joins with this just outside of town and another at the end of the road just under the trail arrow in the graphic below. There are several lakes along with 14,000+ foot mountain peaks within a few miles of the lot. If you enjoy hiking, this is the place!

Across the cul-de-sac are three consolidated lots (558-559-561) and at the end there is a single lot (562). There is a house recently built on one of the three lots across the street, approximately where the dividing line is between lots 559-561 on the map below (see it on Google Maps). That will likely be the only building on those 3 lots as they are consolidated into one lot. Nothing has been done with the single lot (562) and water tap has not been paid on that lot as of September 2013.

The town of Crestone and the Baca Grande is an unusually friendly place where most everyone will make you feel welcome. There is a first class volunteer fire department and EMS located only a few minutes from the property. The town of Crestone is about 10 minutes drive and has all the basics, general store, hardware, restaurants, gas, etc. There is some of the best down hill skiing in the country within 1-1/2 hours drive at Wolf Creek near South Fork, CO and Monarch Mountain near Salida, CO. Like to soak in natural hot springs? That would be only about 15 miles north. Great Sand Dunes National Park is directly to the south. It is about a 45 minute drive to the main entrance as you have to go out to the main highway and travel south but there is hiking access to the national park about 10 minutes from the property.

If you need something from the city, Salida, CO and Alamosa, CO are both about an hour away and have most everything you need. Denver, CO is about 3.5 hours away and Colorado Springs, CO is a little less. Albuquerque, NM is about 4 hours.

We really want to sell this lot!

Property is not on contract with any agent or real estate office.
To inquire please e-mail or call 608-987-2716

Click map or aerial view for larger image

Looking northeast from the main building site.
More or less the direction of the dividing line of the two consolidated lots.
Farther down the page is a photo looking back down at the Baca
from the green hillside near the pass in this photo.

The main building site is already clear of trees. This view is northwest.

Looking northeast from the far side of the main building site.
This is from about the middle of the lot, more or less right on the dividing line of the two consolidated lots.

This photo was taken from the side of the mountain pass visible in the photos above.
The arrow shows the approximate location of the lot.

To inquire please e-mail or call 608-987-2716


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